The product:

Level UP is a skill tracker that uses real rewards and gamification to keep the user motivated to learn something every day. This is a personal project that I started in order to improve my UX skills and is still in the design process.

  • Understand the problem and identify user needs
  • Initial sketches and user testing
  • Design wireframes and user journeys
  • Quick prototypes, tests and design iterations
  • Final designs and specs for development


wireframes level up

The Problem

A lot of people are very ambitious but struggle to stay motivated to learn new skills. In order to have success in your career, you need to be committed and have the willingness to keep learning. These are the characteristics that executives consider most necessary for an employee. During the initial interviews, I could see the main users frustrations were not being able to build a routine and make consistent progress, losing focus while working and lack of motivation.

“Successful people never stop learning”

The Challenge

My challenge was to build an app that helps people to improve their skills, helping them to build a routine, stay focused on their goals and keep them motivated making the experience more fun and engaging with real rewards they can earn achieving new levels.

User flow

User flow

Interactive Prototype