The product:

Mangahigh is a games-based maths resource. A platform with maths games and adaptive quizzes that helps teachers to differentiate instruction and engage students in the classroom all over the world.

The objectives:
  • Redesigning Mangahigh as a single-page web app, starting from the student experience, then moving to the teacher experience. The platform needed to be completely responsive, so kids and teachers could use it from their smartphone or tablet, without necessarily being in the class.
  • Make teacher able to find an assignment easily
  • Creating a set of reports consistent at school, class and student level with meaningful insights for teachers.
  • Teachers had to be able to start quickly in a few steps. Creating a class and manage students needed to be a smooth and easy process.
My Role:

UI/UX Designer

  • Understand business requirements and identify user needs
  • Design wireframes and user journeys
  • Quick prototypes, tests and design iterations
  • Final designs and specs for development

Find an activity




Set an Assignment



Review Students Results


Reports Basic Structure

Nested reports are intuitively structured and organised so that you can look at the same set of data navigating through the different levels: from a distric level you can drill down to a school, class and student level. The class dashboard consists of a set of widgets, each of these widgets show an overview of a specific set of data (achivements, effort…) By selecting the overview card, a slide-in will appear with the breakdown of the report.


Student Individual Reports



Class Reports Drilling Down

Create a Class

Quick start flow design: teachers can now create a new class and set an assignment in just a few clicks.

Class Admin

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